Regional Node Planning Grant Program

About the Regional Node Planning Grant
MTC is seeking to award planning grants to create regional “nodes” which are intended to incentivize more of Missouri’s communities to successfully coalesce their assets to best support innovation and entrepreneurship through coordinated partnerships among entrepreneurial service organizations within the node. A successful node will serve as a front door for the regional entrepreneurial community, allowing entrepreneurs to easily access the resources they need to launch or grow their businesses, thereby expanding the state’s entrepreneurial capacity.

As a result of having access to quality support and services, regardless of location and company stage, regional nodes are intended to not only maximize the number of technology-based, high-growth potential startups, but also encourage growth and scale within the state. In addition, regions will be able to use the grant-based funding to support all of their entrepreneurs and businesses, regardless of industry sector or business stage.

For the most detailed and specific information about the Regional Node Program, please review the Grant Proposal Guidelines (PDF) below. 

Join us Wednesday, August 30, from 2-3pm for the Regional Node Planning Grant: Info Session with Q&A Webinar Regional Node Planning Grant Slides – PDF

Program Goals and Objectives
Regions should use the grant-based funding to:

  • Collaboratively develop a plan that clearly articulates the role of each partner organization in the regional node 
  • Show how the plan will eliminate regional silos
  • Develop an inclusive environment where collective efforts surpass individual capabilities
  • Identify ways to fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth within the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Because coalescing a region around a coordinated plan to support a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem might prove difficult for some regions, planning grants are being awarded to incentivize and facilitate the coordination of regional resource development strategies to ensure the successful implementation of service delivery initiatives.

A Regional Node Implementation Grant Program will be launched in the spring of FY24 and awarded in early FY25. While not required, regions that successfully leverage a Regional Node Planning Grant to create a vibrant and well-thought-out regional node plan will be the most competitive.

Eligible Applicants

The lead Applicant Organization is required to be a:

  • Public or private non-profit Missouri research institutions, including institutions of higher education; or
  • Non-profit entrepreneurial support or related organizations.

Each grant proposal submitted for consideration is required to include at least three partner organizations (including the Applicant Organization). The partner organizations will be required to engage in the activities of the planning grant and submit letters of commitment. Partner organizations are not required to be non-profit organizations or public or private non-profit Missouri research institutions, including institutions of higher education. 

Term of the Program
The grant period commences on December 1, 2023, and terminates on May 31, 2024. All grant activities must be completed prior to May 31, 2024, and applications must explicitly include the timing for the expenditure of the grant funds.

Budget Restrictions
The request for financial support should be specific and narrowly tailored to the plan outlined in the application submitted to MTC and reflect the actual funding needs of the Applicant Organization for the development of the node.

The maximum grant award amounts as determined based on the size and complexity of the region the node will represent are outlined in the following table.  

Population Node Represents Maximum Grant Award
50,000 or less $10,000
50,000-100,000 $15,000
100,000-500,000 $25,000
500,000-1,000,000 $35,000
1,000,000 or more $50,000

The Applicant Organization will be able to allocate up to 10% of the awarded grant amount to cover administrative/indirect costs associated with the management of the grant.

Join us Wednesday, August 30, from 2-3pm for the Regional Node Planning Grant: Info Session with Q&A.  Webinar Regional Node Planning Grant Slides – PDF

Key Application Dates:
• Application Period Open – Tuesday, August 22, 2023
• Webinar: Regional Node Planning Grant: Info Session with Q&A – 2-3pm, Wednesday, August 30th, 2023
• Final Submission Deadline – Tuesday, September 26, 2023
• Award Notifications – by mid-November 2023

Fiscal Year 2024 Regional Node Planning Grant Program Documents and Application:

FY2024 Regional Node Planning Grant Proposal Guidelines
Regional Node Planning Grant Budget Form FY24
Regional Node Planning Grant Affirmation and Signature Page

Regional Node Planning Grant Application FY24 – Google Form
Regional Node Planning Grant Application FY24 – PDF
   NOTE:  PDF – only for review.  Must apply via Google Form.

Contact for Questions
Please email Jakob Pallesen