Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Support

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building Grants

Missouri Building Entrepreneurial Capacity (MOBEC)

The MOBEC program deploys grant awards to at non-profit entrepreneurial support entities to create more home-grown, high-tech companies, Missouri must support entrepreneurs and foster innovation.  It is for this reason that the Missouri Building Entrepreneurial Capacity program (MOBEC) is a cornerstone of MTC’s investment strategy.  Through the MOBEC grant program, MTC makes strategic investments that expand the support system for entrepreneurs that are commercializing new technologies or that enhance the capacity of Missouri to grow its innovation economy.

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New Grant Programs Coming Soon:

Physical Infrastructure Grants: An entrepreneurial hub acts as a center of gravity in which accessing a large network of contacts encourages relationships and synergies between entrepreneurs. Subsequently MTC will provide grants to ensure entrepreneurs throughout the state have access to the physical infrastructure (co-working, flexible lease office space, meeting spaces, etc.) to launch and grow their businesses. More information coming soon.

Regional and Sector-Specific Node Planning Grants: MTC will offer grants to incentivize more of Missouri’s communities to successfully coalesce their assets to best support innovation and entrepreneurship through coordinated partnerships among entrepreneurial service organizations. Regions and/or sectors can use this funding to collaboratively develop plans that clearly articulate the role of each partner will participate in the “node” and how the node will eliminate silos thus create a node’s where the sum of the partners is greater than the individual parts. More information coming soon.