Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Support

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building Grants

MTC offers a variety of ongoing and new grant programs to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem across Missouri. The grant programs are driven by the strategies outlined in the Catalyzing Innovation: Strategies for Missouri to Drive Innovation and Entrepreneurship (the “Catalyzing Innovation Report”). Each grant program serves to create opportunities for entrepreneurship support organizations to develop and implement programs that fit into one, or more, of the five key strategies:

Strategy One: Fund – Deploy greater levels of investment capital to help meet the demands of the growing entrepreneurial base.
Strategy Two: Grow and Scale – Increase access to quality entrepreneurial support services throughout Missouri to ensure companies are able to grow and scale.
Strategy Three: Launch and Cultivate – Take advantage of Missouri’s research strengths by converting the intellectual assets into market opportunities.
Strategy Four: Inspire – Encourage more Missourians to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship.
Strategy Five: Connect – Overcome physical and cultural barriers to better connect Missouri’s communities with each other and with the world.

Grant Programs Overview

Missouri Building Entrepreneurial Capacity (MOBEC)
(FY24 – Grant Cycle Closed)

The MOBEC program deploys grant awards to non-profit entrepreneurial support entities to create more home-grown, high-tech companies, Missouri must support entrepreneurs and foster innovation.  It is for this reason that the Missouri Building Entrepreneurial Capacity program (MOBEC) is a cornerstone of MTC’s investment strategy.  Through the MOBEC grant program, MTC makes strategic investments that expand the support system for entrepreneurs that are commercializing new technologies or that enhance the capacity of Missouri to grow its innovation economy.

For more information on MOBEC, click here.

Physical Infrastructure Grants (FY24 Grant Cycle to Launch in the Spring)

An entrepreneurial hub serves as a focal point where entrepreneurs can connect with a vast network of contacts, fostering relationships and collaborations. Consequently, MTC offers grants to ensure that entrepreneurs across the state can avail themselves of the necessary physical infrastructure (such as co-working spaces, office spaces with flexible leases, meeting rooms, etc.) to establish and expand their businesses. For more information, click HERE.

Regional Node Planning Grants (FY24 – Grant Closed)

MTC provides grants to encourage communities in Missouri to effectively combine their resources and support innovation and entrepreneurship through coordinated partnerships among organizations that serve entrepreneurs. This funding can be used by regions or sectors to collaboratively create plans that explain the role of each partner in the “node” and how the node will break down barriers and create a collective impact that is greater than the individual contributions of each partner. For more information, click HERE.

Regional Node Implementation Grant (FY24 Grant Cycle to Launch in the Spring)

The Regional Node Implementation Grant aims to facilitate the implementation of comprehensive planning strategies at the regional level. This grant is designed to support and empower regional nodes in their efforts to develop and execute effective planning initiatives. To ensure successful implementation, the grant provides financial resources to support the execution of the regional plan. These funds can be utilized for various purposes, such as hiring expert consultants, conducting community outreach programs, organizing stakeholder meetings, and implementing pilot projects. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of ownership and collective responsibility, ensuring that the planning initiatives are inclusive and representative of the diverse interests and perspectives within the region.