FAQ for MTC Grants

FAQ for MTC Grants

The information provided in the FAQ may not apply to all MTC grant programs. Before submitting an application, please read the specific guidelines for an open grant you are interested in.

MTC does not have pre-determined application periods for each grant program. However, if you follow our LinkedIn page and sign up for the MTC Newsletter, we regularly announce grant launches.

All grant programs are reimbursement grants. The reimbursement schedule for grant programs is typically set for every 6 months during the grant period.

MTC requires a 1:1 match for all grants. Matching funds are assessed by MTC based on their capacity to be independently verified in their support for the project or organization. The competitiveness of matching sources is typically evaluated on a scale. Examples include:

  • Highly competitive: This refers to funds that are secured from local, regional, or federal partners/organizations specifically for the organization or project.
  • Competitive: This category includes cash on hand, programmatic revenue, and non-programmatic revenue.
  • Least competitive: This refers to in-kind funds received from either a first or third-party source.

Please keep in mind that the match sources cannot be derived from state-funded grants or any other state source.

MTC wants to ensure that your organization and the specific program you are requesting MTC grant support from also has support and buy-in from other stakeholders.

Applicant organizations must be either a public or private non-profit Missouri research institution, including institutions of higher education, or a non-profit entrepreneurial support or related organization.

MTC evaluates each grant application through a rigorous, and objective process. This involves a multi-member evaluation team individually scoring applications based on pre-determined evaluation criteria outlined in each grant’s guidelines. Top applications are then given the opportunity to present to an independent investment committee for their review and funding recommendation. The final decision is made by MTC’s Board of Directors at a quarterly meeting. MTC takes the fair and objective evaluation of each application seriously to reflect its core values of integrity, transparency, accountability, independence, and collaboration.

While you may apply for any amount up to the maximum of any specific grant, MTC currently does not offer grants specifically for small projects that are not expected to have a significant economic impact on a region or industry. MTC does have a microgrant program and a sponsorship program.

MTC requires one organization to act as the primary applicant and fiscal agent, but organizations are allowed to collaborate in any way that aligns with the purpose and goals of a grant.

Yes, an organization can receive multiple MTC grants as long as they are from different MTC grant programs and there is no duplication or overlap of funding or matching dollars between the grant proposals.

No, all services, programs, or other efforts funded by MTC grants must be used to support startups based in Missouri.

Yes, MTC only provides funding to organizations that have a presence, location, and dedicated efforts in Missouri.

MTC grants typically require a bi-annual report during the active grant period, and ongoing economic impact details for up to 5 (five) years after the grant program has started.

MTC recognizes that some services/programs offered by entrepreneurship support organizations benefit a wider range of startups, but MTC’s grant support primarily focuses on programs that directly provide value to tech-based, high-growth potential startups with the greatest potential for long-term economic impact.