Catalyzing Innovation

Catalyzing Innovation: Strategies for Missouri to Drive Innovation & Entrepreneurship

A Data-Driven Approach for Supporting Innovation & Entrepreneurship Over the Next Decade

Informed by a robust six-month planning process with guidance from a statewide Steering Committee and input from over 500 individuals across the state, TEConomy Partners, LLC developed a report based on their data-driven analysis that recommends five bold and compelling strategies for the future.

This report will help set the direction for policies, programs, and initiatives that foster and support the further growth of entrepreneurs and the advancement of innovation and technology across the State of Missouri.

We invite you to learn more about the Catalyzing Innovation report and Implementation Plan by clicking the links below.

Catalyzing Innovation Executive Summary
Catalyzing Innovation Report 


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Presentation from Catalyzing Innovation Report Release Event  – 2/16/2022
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MTC Implementation Plan

Strategies for Supporting Entrepreneurs and Fostering Innovation in Missouri

The Catalyzing Innovation Report, produced by TEConomy, put forward a comprehensive set of 16 action items* aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the state. These action items were carefully organized into five strategic approaches, all with the overarching goal of driving economic development in the region over the next decade.

In response to this report, the MTC took the initiative to create an Implementation Plan. This plan serves as a roadmap for how the MTC will effectively carry out the strategies proposed by TEConomy. The plan takes into consideration the available resources, capabilities, and ensures alignment with MTC’s mission.

MTC will play a leadership role in some of the actions outlined in the plan, while also providing support to others. This collaborative approach aims to leverage the strengths and expertise of various stakeholders in order to maximize the impact of the initiatives.

To ensure transparency and accountability, MTC has committed to publicly releasing the Implementation Plan. Furthermore, the plan will be updated on an annual basis to reflect progress, changes in circumstances, and to maintain a high level of accountability to the public.

*While there are a total of 16 action items recommended by TEConomy, it should be noted that not all of these actions will be led by MTC or prioritized for FY 2024

MTC Strategic Implementation Plan FY 2024
September 26, 2023 Press Release

MTC Implementation Plan FY 2023
September 1, 2022 Press Release

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