Microgrant Program

Microgrant Program

The MTC Microgrant Program provides small amounts of funding (under $1,000) to support convening and facilitation with the goal of breaking down silos and increasing engagement and collaboration throughout Missouri’s entrepreneurial ecosystems. As identified in the Catalyzing Innovation report, MTC is looking for new and responsive ways to support Missouri’s entrepreneurial ecosystems. This microgrant program is a pilot grant program that will not only help MTC better understand the needs of Missouri’s entrepreneurial ecosystems but also help catalyze community led engagement efforts.

• Eligibility is limited to Missouri-based nonprofit entrepreneurial support organizations or other non-profit economic development-focused organizations.
• MTC funds cannot be used to purchase alcohol.

Selection Criteria
• Alignment with the Missouri Technology Corporation mission: To promote entrepreneurship and foster the growth of new and emerging high-tech companies.
• Alignment with Catalyzing Innovation Report: does the proposal align with at least one of the five strategies?
• Strength of application: is the proposal feasible and clearly described?
• Statement of financial need: Is funding from MTC needed? Are there other funds being allocated? Matching funds are not required, but applications that include additional support in the form of match funds (cash or in kind) will be reviewed more favorably as it demonstrates additional support from the community.
• Impact: Will there be a positive impact to the entrepreneurial community? Will there be a positive impact to the State of Missouri?

Dates and Deadlines
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Review will occur at least once a quarter. Applications should be submitted at least three months before funding is required to ensure it is reviewed on time. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the MTC receives all required aspects of the application upon submission. Applications should be submitted by completing the application in Google Forms.

Statement of Financial Need
Applicants need to provide an overview of the projected budget. The budget should clearly identify which expenses the microgrant funding would cover. While not required, it should also include any sources any matching funds (cash or in kind) and which expenses the matching funds will be used to cover.

Recipient Reporting Requirements
Grant recipients will be required to submit a brief report and final expense report after the event is completed, along with invoices/receipts for payment or reimbursements.


Contact for Questions

Please email Sheila Baker.