MTC Sponsorship & Membership Program

MTC Sponsorship & Membership Program

The goal of the Sponsorship and Membership Program is to provide a formal pathway for organizations seeking the Missouri Technology Corporation become a member of their organization or a sponsor of an event. By expanding MTC’s membership in organizations with aligned missions and sponsoring events with an innovation and entrepreneurship focus that have economic impact to Missouri, MTC seeks to catalyze innovation and expand entrepreneurial capacity across the state.


  • Applications must have a strong economic development impact on the state of Missouri and its innovation and entrepreneurial communities.
  • For Sponsorships:
    • Applicants must provide a list of sponsorship levels with clearly defined value for each level.
    • The conference or event cannot already be funded by MTC. (e.g., an event that received a MOBEC funding cannot also apply for a sponsorship.)
  • For Memberships:
    • Applicants must provide a list of membership levels with clearly defined value for each level.

Funding Maximum

The maximum amount that can be requested for funding through the Sponsorship and Membership program is $10,000.

Selection Criteria

  • Alignment with the Missouri Technology Corporation mission: To promote entrepreneurship and foster the growth of new and emerging high-tech companies.
  • Alignment with Catalyzing Innovation Report: does the opportunity align with at least one of the five strategies?
  • Strength of application: is the request clearly described?
  • Statement of financial need: Is funding from MTC needed?
  • Impact: How many people will be reached? Will there be a strong economic development impact to Missouri and its innovation and entrepreneurial communities?

Dates and Deadlines
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Review will occur at least once a quarter. Applications should be submitted at least three months before funding is required to ensure it is reviewed on time. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the MTC receives all required aspects of the application upon submission. Applications should be submitted by completing the application in Google Forms.

Statement of Financial Need
Applicants seeking sponsorship funding need to provide an overview of the projected budget with a breakdown of the projected income by type, along with a list of pending and confirmed sponsors or members.

Recipient Reporting Requirements
Recipients of sponsorship funding will be required to submit a brief report that provides a summary of the event, demographics of who attended, and an overview of the impact of the event.



Contact for Questions

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