Commercialization Programs

Innovation, Development, and Entrepreneurial Advancement (IDEA) Fund

MTC’s IDEA Fund promotes the formation and growth of businesses that engage in the transfer of science and technology into job creation. The fund provides venture capital-based financing to eligible businesses through three programs that correspond to the stages of growth for promising early-stage high-growth potential businesses: (1) pre-seed capital stage financing; (2) seed capital stage financing; and (3) venture capital stage financing. Funding decisions are made on a quarterly basis through a multi-tiered, competitive application process.

The IDEA Fund makes direct investments into Missouri-based technology startups through matching equity or convertible debt investments for the purpose of supporting technology and business development. Active programs include:

TechLaunch Co-Investment Program
Seed Capital Co-Investment Program
Venture Capital Co-Investment Program

Over the past decade, MTC has invested over $45 million into almost 140 early-stage Missouri-based high-growth technology-focused companies, which have raised over $1.1 billion in additional private capital. To gauge the overall economic development and impact its portfolio has on the state, MTC surveyed over 70 companies in its portfolio. The economic development impact results of the survey have been summarized in a downloadable PDF flier that can be accessed with the link below.

MTC IDEA Fund Survey Summary 2021 Flier

MTC’s IDEA Fund is a “co-investment program” and requires matching private funds. More specifically, for each dollar that MTC invests, the entrepreneur must secure at least one dollar of investment from private sources to match MTC’s investment.

MTC uses a matching fund requirement to ensure that the capital invested, generally from state or federal sources, will be invested in the State’s most attractive early-stage investment opportunities. MTC will not consider grant funding, investments made in exchange for services provided, or in-kind investments as eligible matching funds.

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