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Accuronix Therapeutics

Accuronix Therapeutics is a biotech company developing breakthrough treatments for the most difficult types of cancer. Accuronix was established based on technologies developed at Washington University in St. Louis by Dr. William Hawkins, Professor of Surgery, and his collaborator, Dr. Robert Mach, Professor of Radiology at University of Pennsylvania. With a particular focus in pancreatic cancer, the company’s mission is to develop novel oncology therapies founded on technology that selectively targets overexpressed receptors on cancer cells.

Acera Surgical

Acera Surgical is a medical device company located in St. Louis, Missouri developing a first-in-class line of implantable electrospun neurosurgical meshes and related tools/accessories. Leveraging its core technology platform, Acera aims to create devices that offer superior handling, greater ease of use, increased reliability, and improved clinical outcomes for surgeons, patients, and payors.
Adarza BioSystems

Adarza BioSystems

Adarza is a next-generation multiplex immunoassay product company focused on applications in life science tools and the in vitro diagnostics markets. Adarza’s products and services utilize its proprietary Arrayed Imaging Reflectometry™ (“AIR”) detection platform that is capable of rapid identification and quantification and offers key performance benefits in multiplexing, sensitivity, speed, sample size, dynamic range, and ease of use while affording industry-leading low cost. The AIR platform addresses many commercial applications, including disease biomarkers, personalized medicine, drug and vaccine development, allergy, immunology, and infectious diseases research.


 AdSwapper runs transparently on the users’ phone, allowing them to control what data is exposed to advertisers and which ads are being shown on the phone in apps and on websites. This enables advertisers to directly bid on the users’ ad spaces based on first-party user data, thereby creating a direct channel between advertisers and users. In return the users get paid a share of the ad revenue for every ad that is shown on their mobile phones.
Aerial Agriculture

Aerial Agriculture

Aerial Agriculture Inc. is committed to leading the precision unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market in agriculture. Through its cutting edge analytics and proprietary platform, the company stands at the forefront of precision agriculture-- an industry poised for rapid growth over the next 10 years. Working together with the providers of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides; their service and analytics render actionable data in the form of field prescriptions that guide real-time corrective action. Their precision agricultural analytics will mitigate fertilizer runoff which pollutes our waterways, increase crop yields to meet the needs of a growing population and reduce the burden of chemical cost on farmers.

Appbase offers a hosted streaming database service for building rich analytics and real-time applications. The company is building a query engine for subscribing to real-time events in the database and changing the fundamental nature of querying from request / response to subscribe / notify.

Appbase is aiming to be at the forefront of the real-time web phenomenon by empowering developers to easily add real-time functionality to their apps, and solving the scaling challenges in real-time deployments for the larger enterprises. 

Aptimmune Biologics

Aptimmune Biologics specializes in developing revolutionary mucosal vaccines that provide unsurpassed efficacy against the viral diseases most costly to the swine industry. We focus solely on swine vaccines and the prevention of two major diseases – Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus (PRRSV) and influenza.
Arch Oncology

Arch Oncology

Arch Oncology is an immuno-oncology company developing anti-CD47 antibodies for the treatment of solid and hematologic cancers. Their functionally diverse antibodies represent a new class of checkpoint inhibitors that harness both the adaptive and innate immune responses.


Arvegenix is the industry leader in the development of Field Pennycress (Thlaspi arvense L.) as a significant new crop for the corn-soy growing regions of the world.   Pennycress will grow over winter between the corn-soy rotation thereby providing growers with an additional revenue crop.


Babyation is passionate about bringing innovative, tech-driven solutions to parents. First up, a discreet, quiet breast pump that fits under your shirt so you can finally pump on your terms.
backstitch logo


backstitch is a complete platform for better employee communication and engagement. The company's goal is to deliver more relevant, accessible, and measurable content and communications to employees and partners.
BacterioScan Logo


BacterioScan is a development-stage company which has developed, patented, and clinically validated a unique electro-optic technology and instrument for rapidly detecting and quantifying bacterial infections in bodily fluids.  The company is initially targeting the rapid screening of urine to detect Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), an illness that afflicts over 100 million patients annually, and is the most common bacterial infection in humans.


Bandura is the maker of PoliWall, a U.S. Defense-tested Pcyber security technology. PoliWall identifies and consolidates threat information from both inside and outside networks, and signals immediate action to respond to the threat and stop data loss in near-real time. PoliWall’s patent and patent-pending REACT threat intelligence consolidation server uses high-speed machine-to-machine interface to send its automated response. Thanks to this automation, PoliWall customers have reported a 60 percent reduction in security management time.
Benson Hill LOGO RGB-01

Benson Hill Biosystems

Benson Hill Biosystems is an agricultural biotechnology company dedicated to delivering substantial production gains to the agriculture sector by advancing biotech-based traits to increase intrinsic yield. Boosting crop yields on existing acreage and with limited inputs is the foremost challenge in sustainable production agriculture. One contributing factor to the decline in crop development is that nearly all commercial biotech traits are single-gene approaches to protecting yield. But to realize step changes and avoid a yield plateau, there must be innovation beyond single-gene approaches to protecting yield, and realization of step wise gains by increasing intrinsic yield.
Better Weekdays


Better Weekdays was founded in December 2011 based on the philosophy that if people are prepared and authentic, access is the key to enabling an enriching career journey. The company engages with college career centers to build a powerful, easy to use, well-integrated set of applications that serves colleges by preparing students for the job search and providing access to the most compatible employers.
Blue Strata EHR

BlueStrata EHR

BlueStrata EHR is a Software as a Service model,cloud-based EHR software platform developed for the Long Term Care industry that integrates clinical, financial and point of care services. Through its unique design, BlueStrata EHR is the most comprehensive clinical and billing system in the industry. BlueStrata EHR streamlines operations so clinical tasks become effortless while ensuring that activities are populated into our accounting and financial software to ensure that the maximum reimbursements are attained.
Boditrak Sports


BodiTrak is a combination of an elastic, breathable pressure mapping sensor that is very easy to use and is also conveniently designed to make integration into surfaces practical and affordable. The next generation in pressure mapping.


Bonfyre is a free mobile app available on iPhone and Android that answers the question: how can I share better with the people that matter? The company's mission is to redefine sharing to better reflect real life. Bonfyre has created a mobile app built around your experiences with the people that matter instead of newsfeeds and static circles. With experiences as its core, Bonfyre is a dynamic social app rather than an accumulation of connections that become less relevant over time. As the company grows, their top priority is developing relevant technologies that deliver visibility into real social life, bridging the gap between on and offline.

Canopy Biosciences

The goal of Canopy Biosciences is to provide cutting edge research technologies for targeted genome editing, personalized medicine and more to the world.


Cardialen is developing a revolutionary implantable device therapy to treat Atrial Fibrillation (AF) that will improve the lives of people suffering from AF by restoring their natural heartbeat. Based on a breakthrough discovery by Dr. Igor Effimov at Washington University in St. Louis, Cardialen Therapy terminates AF in animals through an entirely new low-energy approach, a method that obviates the need for the painful high-energy shocks that hampered the adoption of prior implantable device therapies for AF. Yet a vexing unmet clinical need, AF is the most common sustained cardiac arrhythmia encountered in clinical practice, costing more than $26 billion dollars and 80,000 lives per year in the United States alone. In 2012, Cardialen completed preparations for the acute human clinical study planned in 2013. 


Cardioptimus LLC has developed the Embolisher. This patent-pending embolic deflection device, when deployed within the aortic arch, deflects emboli down the descending aorta to prevent neurological dysfunctions such as stroke. The Embolisher is introduced into the aortic arch via transfemoral catheterization at the beginning of the procedure and remains completely detached from the outside environment for the operation’s duration. Once complete, the implant is retrieved via a novel catheter developed specifically for minimizing operator time and effort.


CellARide® uses text message technology, incorporating an interactive experience never seen before in private party automotive sales.


ChloroFill focuses on the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of green building products that promote environmentally-friendly and healthy-living standards. The company has been researching fibers and binding agents from renewable resources with the goal of creating a green fiberboard product to introduce to the marketplace. ChloroFill has used MTC funds to launch the manufacturing of the fiberboard products into the commercial marketplace by establishing an operational presence in Nodaway County, Missouri.

Confluence Life Sciences

Confluence Life Sciences (CLS) is a drug discovery and development company focusing on mechanistically novel drugs for use in both human and animal health care. CLS has assembled a team of world-class experts to develop a portfolio of projects that are first-and/or best-in-class drugs to address unmet medical needs in cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases. Specifically, CLS's team focuses on the design and development of kinase inhibitors that target key enzymes involved in the regulation of cancer growth, metastasis and survival, or in modulation of chronic inflammation.

Edison Agrosciences

Edison Agrosciences is an agricultural biotechnology company dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative solutions for the production of plant-based industrial materials, with a primary focus on the development of alternative rubber crops. We are engineering yield improvements and the novel production of industrial materials in suitable plant systems. Edison has an emerging IP portfolio covering multiple technical strategies and we are developing strategic partnerships to mitigate the risk of pilot scale crop and product validation. Edison’s strong leadership team has a track record of success in industry.


Electrochaea is commercializing a disruptive and scalable technology to convert stranded electric power into renewable natural gas for direct injection into the existing gas grid. The company provides a commercially viable solution for utility-scale energy storage, carbon abatement, and grid stabilization.

Elemental Enzymes

Elemental Enzymes is an enzyme manufacturer based in Columbia, Missouri. The company specializes in the production of enzymes specifically designed for survival and activity in harsh conditions, whether outdoors or in industrial processes. In addition, the company creates customized enzyme solutions for common contaminants found in the environment, as well as the creation and production of enzymes for non-environmental applications.

Elira Therapeutics

Elira is developing a low-frequency electronic treatment device for providing transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.
Emerald Automotive Design

Emerald Automotive

Emerald Automotive has developed a lightweight, zero/low-emission, range-extended vehicle aimed to serve the medium size commercial fleet market. The company has the ability to produce a vehicle demanded by customers-- a fuel and emissions-efficient delivery van that meets customer payload, range and total cost of ownership requirements. Emerald is able to achieve these metrics due in large part to its proprietary design, which features a lightweight  structure, electric range-extended power train and an intelligent hybrid control system. The company has taken the cover off the t-001 prototype, a diesel engine range-extended battery-powered 3.5 ton electric panel van.


EternoGen is a regenerative medicine Bio-Tech company with a focus on designing, manufacturing and commercializing novel stimulatory collagen-nanoparticle scaffolds for soft tissue therapeutic applications. The mission of the company is to provide superior collagen-based products for a variety of minimally invasive surgical applications by leveraging expertise in applied nanotechnology and soft tissue engineering.

Euclises Pharmaceuticals

Euclises Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a drug discovery and development company advancing Euclicoxibs®, novel cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitors with superior efficacy for cancer therapy.

The company's mission is to harness the clinical power of this validated oncology target to offer new treatment options to cancer patients. They have assembled a team of pharmaceutical veterans with deep expertise in oncology drug development and a management team with extensive experience in the discovery and development of several COX-2 inhibitors, including the blockbuster celecoxib.

Excite Pharma


Based in Lee's Summit, Excite Pharma is a full-service analytical testing laboratory, managed by a team of professionals with 40 years combined analytical chemistry experience and 15 years of environmental Department of Defense project management. 


FinLocker is a consumer-enabled financial technology platform that gives lenders access to critical borrower information via a trusted 3rd party that can be used to streamline the lending processes for mortgages and other financial products.


FocalCast enables live collaboration on any tablet, mobile device, PC or video conferencing system with no downloads or plugins required.

Forrest Innovations

Forrest Innovations is a global company leveraging its advanced Ribonucleic Acid Interference (RNAi) technology to address two major challenges facing humanity: 1. Dramatically reduce the burden of mosquito borne diseases which kill more children than any other cause. 2. Provide a solution for Citrus Greening, a devastating bacterial disease that is wreaking havoc in major citrus producing geographies including Florida. Led by the veteran scientific management of Beeologics which was acquired by Monsanto in 2011, Forrest is focusing on the non GM, RNAi technology thus meeting the urgent need for sustainable, non-toxic and safe solutions for Plant & Environmental Protection.


Freiezo is focused on the conversion of free mechanical energy to electricity. The resulting development is the Joule Series VAWT. The Joule Series VAWT is a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) designed to be modular enough for installation in a variety of existing structures, from commercial to residential, while addressing the noise syndrome issues associated with large commercial wind turbines.


Gainsight, formerly JBara Software, has created a big data platform that focuses on customer retention and reducing churn instead of customer acquisition. Gainsight integrates with Salesforce and uses sales data, surveys, support tickets, usage logs and other sources of customer intelligence to turn customer retention into an automated, data-driven process.

MTC exited this investment in 2013. 

GeneriCo Pharma

GeneriCo Pharma is focused on developing and marketing niche generic pharmaceuticals that have been neglected by mid and large generic companies and also have an embedded drug delivery technology.  The combination of neglected, technically challenging formulation, and economic size makes the GeneriCo pipeline not appealing to middle and large competitors, and too complex for tightly focused small generic companies.


GirlsAskGuys is a social community where girls and guys share their opinions and life experiences, to help better understand each other on topics ranging from dating to fashion.


Graematter is an early-stage company that has developed a patented regulatory intelligence system. The system extracts medical regulatory data from many public sources and integrates it into a common database. The system provides unique search capabilities and comprehensive regulatory intelligence as compared to the fragmented information which is currently available through manual searches of each database.


Greetabl an online one-stop-shop for creatively-curated gifts and greetings that are personalized, packaged and sent in just a few clicks. Sometimes a card isn't enough and $50 flowers are too much. Greetabl was created to close The Gifting Gap™,
so you can send-the-love without breaking the bank. They have searched high and low to curate a special collection of gifts you can't find just anywhere or all in one place.
Gremln Social


Gremln provides secure social media software for highly regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare. It features a full marketing and analysis suite wrapped in a security layer to maintain compliance with SEC, FFIEC, and FINRA regulations.


Hatchbuck provides small businesses with an easy to use sales and marketing platform that helps them stay organized and build better relationships with prospects and customers. The company's all-in-one sales and marketing platform combines email marketing, CRM and marketing automation to turn emails into conversations, website visitors into handshakes, and customers into raving fans. 


Immunophotonics is a biotech company whose main objective is to develop and introduce inCVAX, a therapeutic cancer vaccine for the treatment of solid tumor cancers. First-in-man offshore trials yielded promising results, with tumor shrinkage of both treated local tumors and distant metastases, leading in some cases to a complete resolution of all tumors. inCVAX is practical to administer and has shown no evidence of toxicity.

Indalo Therapeutics

Indalo Therapeutics is a preclinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to improving the lives of patients suffering from debilitating fibrotic diseases. Founded on groundbreaking scientific discoveries and leveraging cutting-edge insight into the molecular drivers of aberrant scarring, Indalo is harnessing the collective experience of a seasoned team of pharmaceutical scientists and executives to tackle some of the most urgent unmet medical needs in the fibrosis space.


Using cutting-edge technology, Juristat transforms public patent data into actionable analytics to help law firms and corporations predict the future behavior of actors in the patent system and optimize patent-prosecution strategies. Juristat uses U.S. Patent Office data to create patent analytics reports that improve allowance rate, expedite the patent review process, and maximize patent scope with the aim of making the patent system more transparent, predictable, and prosperous. 

Katalyst Surgical

Katalyst Surgical is the industry leader in ophthalmic surgical instruments. The company's experienced team has over 40 years experience designing, manufacturing, and ensuring quality control of ophthalmic surgical products. Katalyst Surgical provides superior service paired with high quality ophthalmic products at a cost savings to its customers.


Kereos is a biopharmaceutical company that has has developed a unique targeted nanodroplet technology that allows for safe and effective delivery of a broad range of drug compounds to a desired target in the body for the treatment of a variety of diseases.  The Kereos nanodroplets are each capable of carrying a far greater quantity of drug compound per particle than conventional antibody-based drug delivery methods.  The Kereos nanodroplets can also be manufactured at a far lower cost of goods, as compared to antibody based drug delivery methods.  In addition, the drug compound is safely protected within a lipid layer in the Kereos nanodroplet until the desired target is reached, so that the drug compound arrives at the target intact and fully functional.


Headquartered in St. Louis, Kiosite is a technology-focused company, providing an innovative suite of services to match talented individuals to the right career and public service opportunities. Through its products, the company improves employee and volunteer sourcing, screening, selection, and development for a variety of firms, non-profit organizations, and government.

Kogent Surgical

Kogent Surgical is the industry leader in neurosurgical instruments. Their experienced team has over 40 years of design, manufacturing, and quality control of neurosurgery products. It is Kogent's goal to provide superior service paired with high quality neurosurgical instruments at a cost saving to their customers.


Kultevat has an aggressive program of breeding, crop improvements, and strain selection for industrially relevant dandelion varieties.  Kultevat’s crop system serves agricultural markets in a number of ways, primarily by the production of rubber and mixed sugar feedstocks for the production of biofuels with the aim to build profitable, integrated businesses based upon the cultivation of Russian Dandelion.


Kypha is a St. Louis-based bioscience company developing diagnostic technologies to improve the way autoimmune, inflammatory and immunologic disorders are monitored and treated. The company is currently advancing its lead product, the Comp ActTM Test, toward regulatory clearance and market launch. Comp Act is a rapid, point-of-care test designed to accurately measure immune activity and inflammation in real time, thereby enabling clinicians to make earlier, more objective treatment decisions.
Lean Media

Lean Media

Lean Media is an audience-first programmatic online media solution specializing in reaching niche audiences with greater frequency and control.
Little Hoots

Little Hoots

The Little Hoots app allows parents to beautifully capture family one-liners, conversations, stories, photos and videos all in one place. It makes printing books and personalized gifts a snap. 
Local Races is an online race registration and event management software that creates a great event experience for runners, cyclists, and triathletes. The company makes race event managing easier and more profitable by driving new participants, collecting data, automating processes, and facilitating payment. Their all-in-one web-based software suite includes registration, volunteer, sponsor, advertising, and vendor management solutions.


LockerDome is a social media platform built around what you like, as opposed to who you know. More than 20 million people per month use LockerDome to discover, collect, and engage around things they like with others that share the same passions. Thousands of the top publishers in the world, from Defy Media to The Telegraph, use LockerDome to activate and engage their digital audience. This list includes media properties, brands, celebrities, professional sports teams, and many others.

MTC exited this investment in 2013.


Lumate is pioneering programmatic buying of mobile advertising through their context driven mobile DSP, AdTrade™, and their white label self service portal, AdMotive™. Lumate serves the needs of the mobile advertising supply chain by supplying data rich audience targeting capabilities to advertisers and networks.

Geo-location and RTB (Real Time Bidding), in conjunction with first and third party data such as direct user feedback, power their platform and create context around mobile advertising. These technologies work to bring effective targeting capabilities to ad networks, ad agencies, media buyers, and self service advertisers in a privacy compliant manner.



MagBiosense (LLC) is a private medical device company focused on the development of breakthrough diagnostic device & assays, offering laboratory-quality sensitivity and the rapid results and ease of use of a point-of-care system. The company’s core technology eliminates the need for additional steps in the detection process, thereby allowing a simple, one-step process in a point-of-care setting. Using high sensitivity detection of cardiac biomarkers, MagBiosense is initially focusing its development on rapid diagnosis and rule out of heart attack at the Emergency Department.
Mazen Animal Health

Mazen Animal Health

Located in St. Joseph, MO, Mazen Animal Health is creating oral vaccines in an efficient and low cost system for production and companion animals that eliminates need for refrigeration and enables multiple animal dosing.

MedAware Solutions

MedAware empowers patient-centric collaboration by transforming the healthcare communication experience to create value across settings of care.


MediBeacon's mission is to commercialize biocompatible optical diagnostic agents for physiological monitoring, surgical guidance, and imaging of pathological disease in the human population. MediBeacon's optical renal function monitor (ORFM) represents the first real-time point-of-care measurement of renal function targeted at broad adoption in the clinical setting. This noninvasive ORFM system is currently in clinical trials. MediBeacon's extensive Intellectual Property portfolio enables a range of important medical innovations. In addition, MediBeacon has specifically identified fluorescent agents for anatomical visualization in surgery as well as optical dyes with unique characteristics that can prove to be valuable as research tools in the scientific community.


MedSocket provides a patented clinical decision support system with its 1-Click Decision Support (1-CDS) and an innovative patented medical search engine (1-Search). Its technology is designed from the clinician’s perspective, with specific attention to their needs and requirements. 1-CDS and 1-Search connect busy, practicing clinicians to the best available evidence-based information with unprecedented speed and simplicity. Both technologies have been successfully piloted at the University of Missouri Health System and show potential to improve healthcare decisions, enhance efficiency, decrease healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.


Based out of Kansas City, Moblico has created a mobile engagement platform uniquely combining cloud-based backend services for app developers together with content, communication and loyalty management tools for application marketers.

Mycroft AI

Mycroft is the world’s first open source assistant.

Mycroft runs anywhere – on a desktop computer, inside an automobile, or on a Raspberry Pi. This is open source software which can be freely remixed, extended, and improved. Mycroft may be used in anything from a science project to an enterprise software application.


Nanopore Diagnostics

NanoporeDx’s proprietary technology platform, The iNDxer™, is a nanopore sensor for counting dilute amounts of nucleic acid biomarkers (e.g., DNA, RNA). The bacteria the iNDxer™ will detect in the NanoporeDx’s diagnostic tests all have unique RNA biomarkers; the iNDxer™ therefore counts the number of harmful microbes in a sample by simply counting these biomarkers. As a change sorter can quickly count all the pennies, nickels, and dimes in a change jar, the iNDxer™ can quickly count nucleic acids specific to bad bacteria, viruses or fungi in a raw clinical sample.


Newsy is a multisource video news service that analyzes world news and produces 2-to 3-minute, streaming video clips. Clips are available on both web, and mobile platforms. The purpose of is to compare how multiple news outlets from around the world cover the day's events for people who want to stay up to date, but don't have the time to seek out multiple sources on their own.

Newsy was acquired by E.W. Scripps Company in 2014.


Nitrogenics, led by Dr. Alexander Krichevsky, allows tobacco plants to absorb nitrogen directly from the atmosphere instead of from fertilized soil, which could decrease the cost and environmental impact of chemically fertilized farmland.
Olio City

Olio City

Olio City is an expansive, city-discovery app that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to curate a database of events, restaurants, bars, and attractions to fit users' personal preferences. The app uses local experts and social curators to find hidden gems and weed out tourist traps, while a learning algorithm tracks user interests through an initial questionnaire paired with users' ongoing “likes” and “dislikes."

Olio City is currently in Saint Louis, Chicago, and Nashville and is currently expanding.


Orange ev

Orange EV

OrangeEV designs and delivers Pure Electric, industrial-strength vehicles that are better for the earth, people and the bottom line. With an Orange EV Pure Electric Terminal Truck solution Spend 90% Less in Fuel to Haul the Same Load with Zero Diesel & Emissions.

Pathfinder Health Innovations

Pathfinder Health Innovations is an award winning healthcare technology company that uses software and services to dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Behavioral Health and Autism therapy. The company's solutions range all the way from the point of care through the entire revenue cycle, ensuring that therapy is delivered effectively and that therapists get paid for what they do.


Today’s all-mobile all-the-time consumers expect every transaction—even with the government—to be quick, easy, personalized and all possible with a few clicks and swipes of their smartphones. Only PayIt makes it possible. The PayIt team has a shared passion for bringing the power of innovative business technology to the public sector via our patent-pending mobile payment platform.



Public Fund Investment Tracking and Reporting (PFITR) is an accounting software development and software sales company that serves public entities by helping them track their investments, quantify objectives, and improve investment performance, all while insuring they are compliant with each government regulation. Currently, the market has approximately 115,000 public entities that oversee just fewer than $4 trillion in fixed-income assets. PFITR’s product is a subscription-based accounting and analytics system.

PiSquared Research

Focusing on neutron radiation detection, the company offers state of the art systems engineering. In 2013, PiSquared Research with U2D Incorporated ( The partnership will accelerate their mission of developing technologies for life saving/enhancing activities. Focusing on neutron radiation detection, they will continue to offer state of the art systems engineering.


PopBookings is a cloud-based software that automates the hiring process for event and promotional staffing companies.

Proviera Biotech

Proviera Biotech was formed with the goal of commercializing advanced probiotic and biochemical products to replace traditional chemicals used in the global leather tannery industry. Tannery processes have remained unchanged for many years; Proviera's products provide innovative solutions to reduce pollution and operating costs while also improving leather quality and yield. Proviera is posed to launch new product solutions to take advantage of the $4.4 billion global tannery chemicals industry.
Pulse Theraputics

Pulse Therapeutics

Pulse Therapeutics has developed a breakthrough medical device designed to significantly increase the effectiveness of the clot busting drug t-PA for the ER‐based treatment of ischemic stroke. Pulse Therapeutics completed pre ‐clinical animal studies which demonstrated that intravenously-administered biocompatible iron particles, when controlled by a compact external magnet, substantially accelerate blood diffusion. The Company believes that this will allow t-PA to reach the clot more quickly and at higher concentrations, resulting in dramatically faster dissolution of the clot as compared to standard IV t-PA delivery and ultimately faster reperfusion. During 2012, the Company commenced human clinical studies in Australia and was granted 2 patents.

Pushup Social

Pushup Social allows you to add your own online community to an existing website in minutes! Build and grow "your own" community on "your own" website without having to rebuild or redesign your existing site. Pushup Social adds a social network bar to the bottom of the site, which can be launched or put away with a simple click. Community members can now share photos, posts, and more all on the website of the Brand, Organization, or Group they care about. Site owners can now engage their community, access analytics, moderate content, improve SEO, and increase the overall stickiness and relevance of their website.

Recursive Labs

Recursive Labs, Inc. is a web-based, SaaS ap­pli­ca­tion com­pany that has cre­ated a dis­rup­tive, patent-pend­ing prod­uct for every­day In­ter­net users to in­stantly share their cur­rent web ses­sion with the friends, fam­ily mem­bers or ad­vi­sors they trust—us­ing a 1-click, no-down­load, no-cost so­lu­tion.

RNAgri (Apse)

RNAgri (formerly Apse) is a biotechnology company seeking to commercialize technology for the manufacture of RNA at a drastically lower cost than current commercial processes offer. RNA is manufactured in high yields and stabilized by the use of proprietary nanomaterials. The technology developed by Apse enables the application of RNAi to agricultural uses.


RoverTown is the newest and easiest way to access your student discount program. The company partners with universities across the U.S. to provide the entire campus one place to find and use their student discount at local businesses--all you need is your smartphone.


SAGE Labs develops unique, next-generation animal research models featuring specific gene deletions, insertions, repressions and modifications, as well as the industry's first and only SAGE Labs knockout rat model.

SAGE Labs partners with the leading minds in neurobiology, cardiobiology, immunology and toxicology to develop next-generation animal research models for advanced disease research.

SAGE Labs was acquired by the Horizon Discovery Group in 2014.



SanusEO Inc. is a mobile health company offering mobile texting and web services to support population health management with a focus on improving both clinical and financial outcomes. SanusEO’s Patient Engagement Platform (PEP) provides care teams with daily alerts and access to real-time participant program data for both immediate and long-term intervention planning.

SCD Probiotics

SCD Probiotics is a global provider of probiotic products, manufactured using the principals of effective and beneficial microorganism applied science.


Scopio makes it easier for you to discover and license compelling images that resonate with your audience. You’re left with a custom library of relevant images to use and come back to – all for a reasonable price. 


Using mobile sensors, artificial intelligence and advanced data science, sfara provides 4D situational awareness to smart devices.


Just as Doppler radar scans the skies for indicators of bad weather, Sickweather scans social networks for indicators of illness, allowing you to check for the chance of sickness as easily as you can check for the chance of rain.


Using groundbreaking technology, SmartCare provides a smarter, safer, and higher level of care while honoring and respecting our seniors by actually increasing the level of independence they can enjoy.
SmartCare’s unobtrusive wireless devices – including everything from motion to contact sensors – are strategically placed around a senior’s home or room and can either be installed during construction or into an existing structure. The devices can be placed just about anywhere in a senior’s living space, including beds, chairs, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, and doors. The SmartCare system “learns” a senior’s daily living patterns and silently reports to caregivers if movement or activities seem out of the ordinary.


SoftVu’s Marketing CRM maximizes ROI by automating communication to your sales pipeline and existing customer base. The company creates, manages, distributes, and tracks automated marketing strategies for direct to consumer markets in the Mortgage Lending industry.

Space Sculpt

Space Sculpt is an online platform that allows interior designers to work with home owners anywhere in the world. Designers use their free tools to put together curated product collections for home owners, and when those products are purchased, designers earn affiliate commissions automatically. Space Sculpt makes designers more profitable and interior design services more affordable for home owners.


Transforming respiratory care with Wing, a pocket-sized, smart spirometer that harnesses the power of the cloud to make monitoring COPD simple.


Sprocket is a GPS tracking software platform to better enable first responders and commercial drivers to navigate effectively.  The company is focused on improving navigation in rural areas, where traditional GPS tends to fail.

StoryUP XR

Data-driven virtual escapes powered by your brain. 


SyMyco’s family of biological fertilizers reduce the need for water and chemical fertilizers. Based on sterile, genetically pure, non-pathogenic mycorrhizae (fungus-roots), the company’s fertilizers provide high-quality, cost-effective and scalable bio plant growth solutions that increase yield, improve nutrient and water uptake improve root activity, recapture carbon from the atmosphere and enhance resistance to weeds and disease. Applications range from farms, landscapes and nurseries to soil restoration and erosion control.

SynerZ Medical

SynerZ is a preclinical stage medical device company for the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes utilizing a novel, stent-like, endoscopically delivered device that mimics the mechanisms of action of bariatric surgery. Provides the 500 million obese patients worldwide and 84 million type 2 diabetes patients in US and EU, providers and payors a simpler, safer, significantly less invasive and cost-effective alternative to surgery.


Tallyfy is a next-generation cloud app for client onboarding, customer success, business process management, workflow, process improvement and compliance.
Tansna Therapeutics

Tansna Therapeutics

Tansna is a drug discovery and development company founded in 2010 to create and commercialize oral drugs to treat epilepsy. Nearly 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy in their lifetime. A significant need for more effective and safer antiepileptic drugs remains – indeed, approximately 30% of epilepsy patients are refractory, or unresponsive, to currently available therapeutics. Tansna has discovered novel compounds that are highly effective in several animal models of epilepsy, including refractory epilepsy.
TCI Peptide Therapeutics

TCI Peptide Therapeutics

Tensive Controls, Inc is a biotech pharmaceutical company with an emphasis on freeing drug classes from cardiovascular side-effects.

Terra Biologics

Terra Biologics is commercializing a technology designed to restore soil fertility, retain water and reduce erosion without relying on the presence of vascular plants. The Terra Biologics innovation exploits photosynthetic microorganisms, called cyanobacteria or “blue-green algae,” which convert solar energy and soil nutrients to store chemical energy and fix atmospheric nitrogen.

TerraManus Technologies

TerraManus is developing innovative soil conditioning and cropping systems to meet a variety of divergent needs within the agriculture sector including: 1) increasing crop yield 2) reducing input costs 3) mitigating soil erosion 4) managing water resources and 5) enhancing appearance and consistency of crops.


TopOPPS makes sales opportunity management more effective and sales forecasting more predictable. The app's artificially intelligent sales engine analyzes the combination of sales rep behavior, pipeline hygiene and pipeline execution and provides actionable insights, opportunity scoring and automation for sales management and sales teams to drive deals and accurately forecast sales, enabling sales reps to sell more and spend less time administering CRMs.


Transportant packs on-bus wifi, cameras with live streaming video and audio, GPS location tracking, mobile apps for parents and students, and a co-pilot for drivers into a single inexpensive and integrated package.


Traxxsson is developing proprietary molecular tests to diagnose and stage cancer. The assays developed by Traxxsson are targeted to allow clinicians to tailor therapy for each patient, and to monitor treatment for success.
Vector Legal Method

Vector Legal Method

Vector is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) case management solution for every segment of the litigation industry, (law firms, attorneys, and in-house legal departments) expertly designed by several litigators,  offering a standard structure that all litigators can use to organize their workflow. As a litigation dashboard, Vector CaseFlight allows litigators to map, organize, manage, track, and analyze the specific phases, parts, and elements of litigation.


Venture 360 is a private equity portfolio management tool for individuals, Angel groups and venture capital organizations. Launched in 2012, Venture360 was developed in cooperation with several Angel group managers in order to provide transparency, streamlined communications, and simplified capitalization table management to the growing number of Angel groups struggling to maintain a 360° view of their portfolio performance post-funding.


Video Fizz is a mobile application that lets you easily bring your friends together to create a one of a kind celebration for any occasion. Pick your theme, easily invite friends from your contacts through an automated text, they record and submit their video greetings and Video Fizz will create the final compilation set to music with a custom animation.


Yurbuds was founded in 2008 by an Ironman Triathlete and a 24-time marathoner to solve the problem of uncomfortable earphones falling out during active use. Their products are ergonomically designed for comfort and exceptional fit, while providing best-in-class audio quality and durability.

Yurbuds was acquired by Harman International Industries in 2014.