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Missouri Building Entrepreneurial Capacity


Application Period Open – Winter 2020
Application Period Closes - TBD
Investment Committee - TBD
Board Approval - TBD

To create more home-grown, high-tech companies, Missouri must support entrepreneurs and foster innovation.  It is for this reason that the Missouri Building Entrepreneurial Capacity program (MOBEC) is a cornerstone of MTC’s investment strategy.  Through the MOBEC program, MTC makes strategic investments that expand the support system for entrepreneurs that are commercializing new technologies or that enhance the capacity of Missouri to grow its innovation economy.

Program Goals
The MOBEC program seeks to achieve the following goals in Missouri:

  • Enhance the capacity of non-profit organizations that support entrepreneurs who are commercializing new technologies around which high-growth companies can be created;
  • Enhance the capacity of Missouri research institutions to attract competitive federal and private research funding and centers;
  • Enhance research and commercialization efforts in the targeted high-tech industry clusters of animal health, plant science, biomedical science, applied engineering and defense and homeland security; and
  • Create sustainable high-paying, private sector jobs.

Eligible Applicants

  • Public or private non-profit Missouri research institutions, including institutions of higher education
  • Non-profit entrepreneurial support and related organizations

Eligible Project Types
Applicants may submit proposals for the following eligible project types:

  • Access to Capital
  • Entrepreneurial Mentoring/Networking
  • Entrepreneurial Training/Education
  • Commercialization Assistance
  • Technology Workforce Development Initiatives
  • Research Centers of Excellence
  • Physical Infrastructure/Capital Project to Support Entrepreneurial/Research Activities

Evaluation Criteria
The submissions by Eligible Applicants will be evaluated based on dimensions of the quality of the submission and a demonstrated likelihood to achieve the following outcomes in Missouri:

  • Enhance the capacity of Missouri's startup ecosystem;
  • Increase research, commercialization, and capital investment funding;
  • Structurally accelerate the commercialization of scientific discovery;
  • Creates sustainable, high-paying, private sector jobs;
  • Build a sustainable community resource for entrepreneurs;
  • Avoid redundancy in favor of supportive or novel initiatives; and
  • Strengthen one or more of MTC's targeted high-tech clusters.

Additional Criteria

  • Applicants must have an actual, conditional or anticipated third party cost-sharing commitment to match the requested MTC Grant. Additional consideration will be given to meeting the cost-sharing requirement through contribution of in-kind cost-support on a limited basis.
  • Any proposed project budget requesting reimbursement for indirect costs must limit their indirect cost recovery allocation to no more than 5% of the total amount of funding requested. An indirect cost is a cost that is incurred for common or joint objectives and therefore cannot be indetified readily and specifically with a particular sponsored project.

Funding Available
The request for financial support should be specifically and narrowly tailored to the plan outlined in the application submitted to MTC, but individual grant awards will not exceed $500,000.  Accordingly, it is not expected that each applicant will request the maximum amount of funds that may be awarded.

Contact for Questions

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